Author Topic: 2018 Ticket Plan and All Star Game Info  (Read 35278 times)

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[...]And let’s be honest the Re&*’@ns regular season and playoff baseball are completely different animals. I imagine as the team progresses (if they do) there is an increasing chance that Metro will be open and I think it’s almost certain that metro would stay open for any potential World Series games.

Through the eyes of a sports fan the first statement is most certainly true, but through the eyes of Metro's less-than-proactive management (with the Federal Transit Administration breathing down their necks)  it's not such a sure thing. With Metro management already in hot water with federal regulators (and, for the most part, deservedly so) over safety issues, I don't think they'll want to give new safety issues a place to start and they will resist any attempts to extend hours. (I'm not sure how much authority the Federal Transit Administration has over Metro's supplemental scheduling issues but it's possible the FTA may not even let Metro stay open late.)