Author Topic: 2018 Ticket Plan and All Star Game Info  (Read 40234 times)

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Sat down to figure out the per game cost for my own plan and additional strips bought and damned if I can reconcile the posted prices to my totals.

Here's the posted prices:

For section 137 (RF Corner section)  a single seat strip cost me 2,345 before fee.

Posted prices are, for Priority Access Pricing (the highest tier since this is an additional strip)

1 Wild card at $75
3 NLDS at $75
4 NLCS at $150
4 WS at $375

total = 2,280.   Why did I pay $2,345, or $65 more?

I worked the math on my own Club seats, Nats Plus pricing and got the exact same difference - $65 each.   


So has anybody else attempted to allocate their total ticket cost to individual games as a way of checking the amounts billed?   I need this by the way to share the costs to my partners.