Author Topic: 2018 Ticket Plan and All Star Game Info  (Read 40796 times)

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I believe any time you do a payment plan it fire in your credit report. Take advantage of the free reports the government gives you each year.  Do one for each of the three Credit bureaus every four months.

Considering that I'm paying each installment 3-6 months prior to the corresponding games it sure feels like I'm loaning them money rather than the other way around.

Initial Deposit Date Installment Charges By October 15, 2017 10 equal installments to be charged on: the Initial Deposit Date; 10/16/17; 11/15/17; 12/15/17; 1/16/18; 2/15/18; 3/15/18; 4/15/18; 5/15/18; and 6/15/18