Author Topic: Follow the Prospects: Daniel Johnson, OF  (Read 1343 times)

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I'm glad to see the power show up. He's been lauded as having impressive raw tools, including power. Even says he has a feel for barreling up the ball as has impressive natural power. Then they grade him a 45 on power.

So far looks like a big time steal in the 5th round. My concern so fat would be base stealing. Needs work there. He's got great wheels but has been caught more than he's stolen(8-17). He absolutely needs to improve his reads and jumps is my guess. He will turn 22 in 2 weeks and is just in low A, but he looks like a player with exciting potential. I know there's always the desire to rush guys, but I would have no problem if he was in Hagerstown for the rest of the year. Let that confidence built carry into the off season.