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Re: Re: Extend Lind
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OBP works just fine for me the way it is. The real problem in baseball is that errors by the pitcher do not result in earned runs...

I see where you're coming from on this but they choose to treat pitcher errors as separate from pitching, just like fielder errors.

If there is a runner on third and, hit a ground ball to short, and the shortstop chooses to throw home, that is, statistically, a fielder's choice, whether they get the out or not.   If they get the out then yes it is not a good outcome.  But if they don't get the out, it is a good outcome.   I'd credit the guy with an on-base in cases where they don't get the out.

the only problem with this is that in the "good outcome" a player would get OBP credit not because of anything he did but because the fielder was indecisive or because the runner on 3rd is a good base runner.

If a batter tries to bunt for a base hit, gets thrown out, but moves the runner (and in the scorer's opinion was not trying to sacrifice) does he get credit for a sacrifice?