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a sac fly is more a try for a hit or a homer that ends up, due to the runner's tagging, being positive.

Probably true in most cases  But I've seen many cases where the batter takes a bit off of the swing to better ensure contact in  a deliberate attempt to hit a fly ball deep enough to score the runner from third.  (As hard as it may be to believe, I saw Desmond do that two years ago to score a runner for a walk-off.)
If a batter tries to bunt for a base hit, gets thrown out, but moves the runner (and in the scorer's opinion was not trying to sacrifice) does he get credit for a sacrifice?  I believe not (I seem to recall that happening sometime in the past few years).   So similarly, it should be in the scorer's discretion to give a sacrifice on a fly ball if the scorer thinks that was the objective (which I realize isn't the case).