Author Topic: Errors, Sacrifices, fielder's choices and other OBP quirks  (Read 1398 times)

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Re: Re: Extend Lind
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:lmao:   freaking stat geeks

Might as well credit players for reaching base on a fielder's choice so their OBP can be higher. And credit players with a stolen base on balks. And I can only imagine what this all would do to ERA's.

Reaching on a fielder's choice isn't a good outcome. Reaching on an error is. And advancing on a balk isn't a stolen base. If there were a stat called advancing a base, then it could count for that.

In the case of the On Base Percentrage, I'm just saying it should count the number of times someone actually gets ON BASE.

I know the stat doesn't count it. But that doesn't mean that it shouldn't.

Because I can't believe you are actually this obtuse.