Author Topic: Errors, Sacrifices, fielder's choices and other OBP quirks  (Read 1584 times)

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Not only a wow that you came up with that name but I followed the Senators and I have no recollection of him at all. Good job.
Of all my seasons following baseball, 1960 ranks in the top five for me, I followed every game (mostly on radio, not many were televised). The announcers then were Bob Wolfe and Chuck Thompson (last season for both, of course).  I loved listening to them.  They were constantly raving about how valuable Valo was to the team, even though he was a bench player.  He had a knack for getting on base, which wasn't completely reflected in his OBP - he got on base on errors.  Even then his OBP for 1960 was well above .400 and who knows how high it would have been if they counted errors ( I have always thought they should be counted).