Author Topic: Musings on the Miami Marlins series Mon-Wed Jun 19-21, 2017  (Read 128 times)

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Mon, Jun 19 @ Miami 7:10 PM MASN2 LOST 8-7       
Roark (6-4)    
vs Volquez (3-7) Justin Nicolino (0-1)
Tue, Jun 20 @ Miami 7:10 PM MASN2       
Gonzalez (5-1)    
vs Worley (0-2) Volquez (3-7)
Wed, Jun 2 @ Miami matinee 12:10 PM MASN
Scherzer (7-4)    
vs Straily (5-4)

Game 1: had a 6-run lead, Roark gives up 6 runs, take the lead later, tied again, Marlins walkoff in 9th.

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Slight amendment to pitching match-ups:

Game 1 - Roark v Nicolino
Game 2 - Gio v Volquez

Not a lot I can say about that performance that I haven't already moaned about in the GDT. But man, last night blew the big one.

What HAS happened to Tanner? The walks he issued to Yelich and Ozuna in the 3rd were so bad. Ball 4's on Fast Balls way out of the zone that no one would swing at when just prior he had both of them swinging an missing at off-speed stuff moving out of the zone for strike 2. Way to load the bases, man.

He then gets to 0-2 against Bour, who is hacking and missing desperately on some nice enough off-speed stuff, goes back the fastball and immediately throws 2 easily take-able balls:  :idiot:. Then to cap it all off, throws an 84 MPH change up with absolutely no movement right down main street. Boom. See You Later. Tied ball game.

It felt like every one of the inferior pitches in those 3 at bats, he was shaking off Wieters' call too.

I may have blurred some of the details on the above, but I am pretty confident it's right, but that, that right there, is the sort of thing I would imagine a rookie do on his debut when it's all got a little too much for them.

I need some Gio redemption tonight. Or one of his diet pills.