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Patterson post-game quotes
« Topic Start: August 11, 2005, 01:35:19 PM »
Hey guys, great thread.  I somehow missed the last week of this, just picked up on it today.

So let me know if I got this straight.  Sounds like there are 3 classes of player.

1- Subject to the reserve clause, not eligible for arbitration (those falling below the super 2 class)

2- Subject to the reserve clause, but ELIGIBLE for salary arbitration.

3-Free agent eligible, ie not subject to the reserve clause.

We won't know where J. Patterson falls until the end of the season, with regards to the super 2 class.

Can somebody explain what the 10-5 rule is?  This is being cited in the case of Jamie Moyer, somehow giving him veto power over where he will go.