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Patterson post-game quotes
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Could you explain a little more about this "Super-Two" thing to me?


Baseball goes by days of service with a full season being 172 days, half a season is 86 days. It is notated as years.days format.  For example, a player who is optioned to the minors for 30 days is credited with 142 days of service., notated as 0.142.  (note: if sent to the minors for 20 days or less, credit for a full year is given.)

Super-Two is a player with between exactly 2.086 years and 2.171 years.  Not all these players are eligible for arbitration, though.  It is ranked from most to least, and the top 17% do become eligible for arbitration.  Any player eligible for arbitration is also eligible to sign a multi-year contract with their current team.

So for example, lets say there are 100 Super-Two players after a season.  Of these 100, suppose the top 17 have 2.150 years of service or more - these 17 players become eligible for arbitration and signing multi-year contracts.   The remaining 83 players with 2.149 or less years of service remain protected players.