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Patterson post-game quotes
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Quote from: "CapitolCityGoofball"
We'll find out this year. From what I've heard, he's eligible for salary arbitration, though we retain exclusive rights. He should get a fat contract, though no right to change teams.

 According to which gets its info from the offical team media guides, Patterson's service time after this season will only be 2 years 126 days.  3 full years is required for arbitration.

Patterson's only shot at arbitration is if he falls into the eligible "Super-Two" group.   This can not be determined until season's end.  The players within the top 17% longest service of the total "Super-Two" group become eligible for arbitration.

Don't forget, he was the Expos #1 Draft pick, #5 overall in 1996.

Could you explain a little more about this "Super-Two" thing to me?