Will Espinosa be hitting .200 by July 1, 2017

3 (12.5%)
17 (70.8%)
He'll be DFA'd
4 (16.7%)

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Author Topic: Espinosa's batting average  (Read 7729 times)

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Re: Espinosa's batting average
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Given how hard-headed Espinosa is, I wonder if he'd sign for a AAA assignment. (Not that I'd sign him. I wouldn't.)

He's been released! Go get him Rizzo!

Before you jump on me, hear me out.

Drew and Difo are already up and playing well.

Turner isn't back yet.

Sánchez is the next best guy. Him and Green.

We're a twisted ankle or an inside pitch away from trouble, and Drew is fragile. Let's stash Espinosa in AAA just in case.