Have you become apathetic towards the regular season?

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32 (68.1%)

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Author Topic: Apathetically awaiting the post season?  (Read 8215 times)

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Re: Apathetically awaiting the post season?
« Reply #175: August 11, 2017, 10:07:11 AM »
This week I am feeling apathetic watching the games. Probably will regain interest when the injured players come back.

I also am getting most of my "excitement" out of tracking the progress of the injured players and daydreaming of what a roster with everybody back could look like (minus Eaton).  Everything else is falling into place.  The revamped bullpen looks great.  Gio has managed to continue pitching well and is somebody I now feel okay about starting Game 3 in a series.  Roark is getting back to being his old self.  Harper, Murphy, and Rendon continue to be superstars and Zim hasn't totally tanked.  We'll have a good bench once everybody is back and the "fill-ins" move into bench roles.