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I think when you sign up there's sort of a code you are put on notice.

More or less, the things I pounce on are too much skin, especially in the main boards, racist / misogyny / other bigotry in posts, and heated political discussion outside the politics thread.  Trolling and insult / flame stuff I'll also occasionally intervene.  Threats, too.   

There are threads I will not look at regularly (I'm thinking of one that involves ways to improve the game) so it is possible that those can devolve into name calling :whistle: .  If it gets bad and I have to play NHL linesman and break things up, then I do things like warn and mute people.  Generally, I give lots of room on the back and forth, and prefer to PM the folks involved or leave a visible post saying cool it.

And yes, I'm beginning to think the exchanges on one thread that I don't look at regularly needs to be less personal.  The ignore button is your friend, and turn the other cheek is always appreciated.

Name calling?

Not sure... and I'm not kidding when I say this... what thread that references. I don't do that just as a matter of principle, and I'm purty-sure no one called me anything in recent memory, but maybe I'm forgetting something.

You sure there's no actual rules written down somewhere? I checked, and this is all I got when I signed up...

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When I was an admin/owner over at Hawksquawk eons ago, I found it mighty helpful to have some black and white so that it was easier for everyone to know where the gray was.... including between the mods I had.

Seemed far less need for any moderation as a result, and especially made it easier for newbies, if they happened to be coming from boards that had been tightly or over-moderated, or vice versa. When people don't know the rules, it's easier for them to assume they know the rules when they really don't. And easier for some things to slide by, too, that probably wouldn't if it weren't for the fact that like umpires, all of us have our better days than others.

So, this just throws me off... especially because I was in fact led to believe that there was something called "forum rules." It's hard to understand why someone would write a message that references "forum rules," and warns against transgressing them or-else, if in fact none ever even existed. I bet they did at one time. Surely.

By the way... footnote regarding that thread you were referencing... don't need no "ignore" button when you're fully capable of ignoring anyhow. Hope it doesn't fly past you that when I tell someone, "This is obviously not productive, and though I'm sure you're a nice enough person, I'm done on my end."... that's exactly what happens (on my end, that is).