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Re: Where to find...
« Topic Start: May 09, 2017, 06:06:23 PM »
I think when you sign up there's sort of a code you are put on notice.

More or less, the things I pounce on are too much skin, especially in the main boards, racist / misogyny / other bigotry in posts, and heated political discussion outside the politics thread.  Trolling and insult / flame stuff I'll also occasionally intervene.  Threats, too.   

There are threads I will not look at regularly (I'm thinking of one that involves ways to improve the game) so it is possible that those can devolve into name calling :whistle: .  If it gets bad and I have to play NHL linesman and break things up, then I do things like warn and mute people.  Generally, I give lots of room on the back and forth, and prefer to PM the folks involved or leave a visible post saying cool it.

And yes, I'm beginning to think the exchanges on one thread that I don't look at regularly needs to be less personal.  The ignore button is your friend, and turn the other cheek is always appreciated.