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The possibilities
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he got atta boys cuz he made it.  twice i've seen it he has gone full speed head first (not looking for a rundown).  once was really close.  and the second time (against the dodgers) a good throw would have had him.  its fine if he does it with byrd, because byrd is faster and if he is running full speed will make it to home before guillen can get thrown out at third.  but the other night vidro was on third and waltzed home because he could have made easily.  guillen could have very well gotten thrown out at third and ended the inning before vidro scored.  guillen does not need to be at third base unless youre counting on a wild pitch or catchers throw into center field (maybe he was, because of the nats awful hitting at the time).  

but hey, he made it, maybe he knew he was fast enough and it paid off. all power to him.