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The possibilities
« Topic Start: August 05, 2005, 07:47:49 AM »
I know he has shown flashes of being alive before, but what if guzman can hit .260 again.  thats a .070 increase. that is like replacing two .265 hitters with two .300 hitters.  

Maybe that thing about finally returning to his Minnesota style of hitting after 4 months of guessing and swinging with your eyes closed really did happen, as absurd as it sounds.

Not to get too carried away, but what if he could lead off. He did it on the twins (at least in a Yankees classic game I saw on TV).  And he got a hit then.

Maybe he could steal bases too. I know he had speed, but might have lost it from his legs atrophying from not getting on base.

BTW. I'm starting to like this stolen base thing.  I know it was Dioner Navarro trying to throw them out, but it makes things happen.

And the other night night, I was explaining to my girlfriend why guillen tagging from second to get to third while someone is trying to score while the catch is the second out is dumb, because if guillen is thrown out it could negate the run (that was not the first time I have seen him do it, and has been a close play on multiple occasions).  Then Wilson steals second and the throw goes into center and guillen scores, and I had to recant my statement.