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Re: 2017 Roll Call - Games You're Going To
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I was going to go to the bullpen to meet you.  Next time.

We got out of here later than my original post.    We got hung up in traffic.    It was awful.    We came in from E. Loudoun ... neighbor drove.    We had a spot at the Best Western on "I" ST, SW.    It was bad the whole way down the GW PKWY so, instead of doin' the 14th ST Bridge and the freeway, he had a better idea.    Friday afternoon; rush hour; beautiful day  ...  and decides he's gonna go down Constitution to 4th and head south.     Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerise, it took us a hell of a long time.     I swear it was 45 minutes to go from Teddy's bridge to 4th ST.     Constitution was packed with cars and tourists.    Everybody from Iowa must have been out sight seein'.    We were already "late" so we didn't make a stop at the pen but we did get our steins.       :blah:

BTW  We expect to be in the pen on Sunday.    Game time is 3:05  ...   hopefully by 2 PM.    We'll be the two old(er) white guys.   :)   The pen has shrunk to the point where there may only be 100 or so folks there.    I do like their cover bands though.