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Re: 2017 Roll Call - Games You're Going To
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Has Blue911 not been at Nats games ?

I'm amazed this dropped back a few pages so I'm stickying this thread.  I think a lot of us used to meet at the Loft before a game, mostly to hear Blue911 drone on about all topics and to make good eye contact with him.  If you are going to a game, post here.  I promise* as the evil mod to stay away so the rest of you can enjoy yourselves.  If you want to meet up, post where you can be found and how to recognize you.

* Washington / Capitol Street promise, which means it might be kept, might not ;)  If I do show up, then I'll be dressed like a security guard, so if you have issues with how I moderate, I suggest you shout at one of the guards and then take a swing at him.