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Re: Janes Says - Our Reporting on Our Reporters
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I'm not sure how much of the "4 managers in 8 years" thing you can hang on Rizzo.

Riggleman quit midseason. I blame that more on the Lerners (65/35) than on Rizzo. Riggs had only a few months remaining and didn't want to be a lame duck manager.
Davey Johnson was a stopgap. He agreed to manage on the condition that it was 2 years and he could go back to fishing. Failure on Rizzo and the Nats for not grooming someone from within.
Matt Williams is 100% on Rizzo. No ifs ands or buts about it.
And, I think we are all blaming the Lerners for Dusty's firing/leaving/ne renewing however you want to term it.

So, out of the last 4, it' more on the Lerners than Mikey Arizona.

Riggleman was on riggleman - he was a care taker who wasn’t getting the job when the window finally opened. He saw the writing on the wall and tried an asinine power play. To blame him on the Lerners assumes you’d actually have wanted him to stay