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Re: Janes Says - Our Reporting on Our Reporters
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Posted before, but I think Cameron knows more about baseball than Slate. Or many other folks. But let me guess, Slate won't agree. And everyone is blind or stupid.
"Almora’s something like a league-average hitter, but with the pinch-hitting penalty, he was a pretty significant downgrade from Schwarber, and significantly less likely to hit a home run that would put the Nationals down a run."

Dave is, as usual, lazy.

Almora in 2017 against LHP: .342/.411/.486. As a pinch hitter, he was a .294 hitter.So Dusty's move allows Maddon to replace the poor hitting, poor felding outfielder with a much better hitting and fielding outfielder.

Also, Cameron makes it sound like it was either a tired Scherzer or Solis. The correct move was Ryan Madson to start the 7th.  That was their 4/5/6 hitter. The next time you see Bryant and Rizzo would be the 9th. So bring in Madson to start the inning. Give Kintzler the bottom of the order. Of even bring in Perez to face Heyward and then go to Kintzler.

Cameron is lazy