Author Topic: Janes Says - Our Reporting on Our Reporters  (Read 2954 times)

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Re: Janes Says - Our Reporting on Our Reporters
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Do you really think the Lerners comprehended any of that?:
I think they see we lost, so Dusty must have made stupid decisions.  If he would have won, well, anyone could have done it.

I think Rizzo won't be back after next year, because he'll be in demand, and many other GM/President positions are more desirable than putting up with the Lerners, and they won't fight/pay to keep him, because they think they're the real geniuses and anyone can do what he does.
You would have to be blind and stupid to not see how colossally Dusty freaked up Game 3. There never should have been a Game 5. It was a stupid simple decision. Ned Yost made that same decision countless times during the Royals run.