Author Topic: Weather for Upcoming Home Games (2017)  (Read 13429 times)

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Re: Weather for Upcoming Home Games (2017)
« Reply #175: July 07, 2017, 10:10:00 AM »
Is it your theory then that this sort of thing comes from the top, i.e. ownership?  That the Lerners are making the call?
Yes. I think they want to generate pressure on metro to stay open for after games, and they want some fan agitation for a retractable roof. 
Rightfully so. I live five minutes from the park just across the river in Arlington and it didn't rain until a light batch of showers moved through right around 9:00. It wouldn't have been enough to stop the game if they had been playing.
howdy, neighbor.  So, San Antonio Grill or Casa Mexico?  Highline or CCSP?  Urban Thai or Nerimitra?