Author Topic: Weather for Upcoming Home Games (2017)  (Read 13135 times)

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Re: Weather for Upcoming Home Games (2017)
« Reply #175: July 07, 2017, 08:43:23 AM »
I think they were idiots last night.  I don't know what point the Nats are trying to prove with their rain mess ups.  Yes, we do have metro shutting earlier now under new management, and no, no one is building them a retractable roof or more parking.  So, more or less, you push start times past 9, and 20,000 or so of your fans take off because they can't get home otherwise. 

I watched the Channel 4 news last night at 6:50, when their weather crew had the rain coming into DC at 8:49.  That was at least an hour and a half of playing time according to the latest forecast right at the time of the game.  heck, it would have been to the Nats advantage to start the game, have both teams burn their starters, because they could have piggybacked Roark after Gio after any rain delay.  As it turned out, over in Crystal City, the rain was maybe further delayed than projected (at least when I peaked out my window). 

The call on whether to start I believe is the home team's, then whether to continue play is the umps.  This is really on the Nats.  Late calls on rainy nights like Wednesday so they can get folks in to concessions, then asinine delays to make some point to Metro and to the DC government on nights when they could play.