Author Topic: Weather for Upcoming Home Games (2017)  (Read 13545 times)

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Re: Weather for Upcoming Home Games (2017)
« Reply #150: July 06, 2017, 09:05:21 PM »
You posted this:

Why?  It's most likely not going to rain for two hours, in which time they can get 5 inning in.  So they delay it 45 minutes, what do they expect to accomplish during that time, other than increase the probability that they will not get the game in.

To which I replied:


You then misquoted me as follows: 

You are ignoring this user. Show me the post.

Please note that I did not post what you have quoted me as saying.  It looks like you had me on ignore and compounded the issue by typing "Show me the post" within the quote marks.

You then became confused by your own misquote:

Seriously Tom, what the hell does this mean?

To which I replied:

It means you have me on iggy you mo'.

Which I would think most WNFF'ers would interpret as "It means you have me on ignore, you moron".  I was trying to make a bit more gentle.    But, it appears I am the one at fault for your misquote of me and subsequent misunderstanding.

I have no idea what that means.  Have you gone loony?

I have gone loony?    :shrug: