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Re: 2017 Gameday Thread Schedule
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It should be mandatory that no one gets to do a GDT unless they've done their predictions first. No balls for a prediction then no GDT.  :whip:
The Predictions thread is already locked.  8)

I didn't do a Prediction last year and was 7-0 in the regular season GDT creations. But we lost the first playoff game, which was my GDT. In prior years when I did a Prediction post, my GDT record was probably .500 or worse. (Does someone have a Career GDT record compiled? I made 6 in 2015.)

I sent The Chief a PM to ask if he wants to prepare the Opening Day GDT.
April 17, 2017 National & International Haiku Day - who is our Haiku member?
April 23, 2017 Shakespeare Day - likely for houston-nat's preparation