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Re: NL East (2017)
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Did the Cubs face adversity last year? Didn't they win the division by like 20 games?
Pretty sure they faced adversity down 3 games to 1.

The Cubs last year and the Nats of seasons past are so far apart, mainly because of the manager. When the chips were down, Maddon got the big hits and made the right bullpen decisions. I think the big hits will come, but I think Dusty has no idea how to manage pitching in the playoffs. That's why I've been practically screaming to sell/spend whatever it takes to get an elite pen. If you make these decisions stupid simple for Dusty, he will coast all the way to the WS. But, at this point, in order to accomplish that, the Learners have to be willing to spend at the luxury tax level, or punt anything after 2019.