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Re: NL East (2017)
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The window is fast closing and we've done nothing. \
No, it's not.

I don't think its fair to say we've done nothing. We've won the division three times, having the best record in the NL twice. This year looks like another probably division winning season. Sure we haven't won in the playoffs yet, but that's the keyword, yet. What if we make or win the WS this year or next year?

I don't think our window is fast closing at all. Turner is young. Eaton is here for a while. Stras just signed long term. Scherzer isn't slowing down at all. Rendon and Roark will be here a while. The big issue is Harper of course, and we'll cross that bridge when we get there, but bare minimum we got this year and next year. Going back to 2012, that's a quality seven year window. I'll take that everytime.