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holy crap how does that happen?? Is that on Alderson??  the Sox used to do that to Julian but he was totally expendable, Harvey is one of their stars!!! :smh:

Just guessing a mix of Thor downplaying his sore arm situation and the coaches feeling like their backs are up against the wall with so many ongoing injuries that they were overly optimistic. I can't imagine the pressure that that whole staff is under, everyone from the players to the FO. The players are probably hoping to power through whatever's bugging them because they don't want to let the team/fans down (Cabrera, I'm looking right at you, bro) and the coaches/trainers/FO are being more risk-tolerant because they just don't have any good reserve options. It's like how when one guy makes a bonehead error and somehow it catches on to the rest of the team and you've somehow made 5 errors in an inning and nobody knows how you got there. Except instead of errors, it's injuries.

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