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Re: NL East (2017)
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Christian Yelich's list of the 5 toughest pitchers in the NL East. Two are predictable, one is going to surprise you.
lol, Yelich is so funny.

That's selective memory on Maddon's bullpen decision-making.  He overused Aroldis Chapman in the whole series and nearly got burned for it.  He put Chapman into Game 6 with a seven run lead and taxed him, leaving him tired for Game 7 and he gave up the tying homer to Rajai freakin' Davis.  Dusty may not be Joe Maddon but he is certainly not Matt Williams either. 
Yea, I totally forgot who won the World Series. Maddon used what he had and it got him the win. Especially considering that he probably had the lesser of the two bullpens in the World Series.