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Re: NFL Thread (2017-18)
« Reply #50: March 15, 2017, 05:19:49 PM »
really blowing me away they are doing this without giving up Butler.   Re-signed Alan Branch helps keep the D line solid.  The Allen pickup was nice, and the CB from Buffalo should replace Ryan pretty well.  Please bring back Hightower.   
wish granted.  4 years, $43MM, $19MM guaranteed.  Less than the cap hit for franchising him.

I read the Saints have the #11 pick.  If Butler signs and the Pats don't match, then they get that pick.  Let's assume Cleveland doesn't want to trade the #1 for Jimmy G (which would be the right call, of course).  Suppose they put the #12 in the package instead.  How high up in the round could the #11 plus the #12 move the Pats?