Author Topic: Partnering WNFF with a Blog/Website (2017)  (Read 1384 times)

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Re: Re: Nationals Park Questions
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Not sure I understand what is meant by posting long form entries.

WNFF and Talk Nats would not be a great match because both sites are already very popular and there is no reason to mess with a good thing. What both sites could do is minor tweaks to copy what works with the other site. I'd like for Talk Nats to separate topical threads from game day threads so that conversations on a particular subject can continue for multiple days. WNFF could create another Group of boards (like Community) and create boards for individual bloggers to post long form entries. Then invite some of the independent bloggers to use WNFF as their host site, adding to the WNFF content and providing a lot more clicks than some of the lesser known blogs receive.