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Re: Food and How you Cook/Eat it (2017)
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Thanks, gang, knew you guys would have some great advice, now I'm wasting my morning reading menus. Not sure we will have a car - in fact I doubt it (and the guy whose couch we're crashing on is blind).

Jaleo doesn't really scream "affordable" but if you're willing to spend Jaleo type money, I'd go to either Zayatinya or China Chilicano. They are both also Jose Andreas restaurants, both in the same neighborhood as Jaleo (China Chilicano might even be next door to Jaleo) but with much more interesting menus. Nothing wrong with Jaleo but the menu is pretty standard tapas.

Thip Kao near Columbia Heights for Laotian if you're feeling adventurous. Their prices are a bit high compared to Laotian places in the suburbs but the food and service are top notch and you'll find some pretty interesting menu items there-- traditional Laotian, the kinds of things that scare Americans (pig ear soup, blood sausage, tripe) plus plenty of more approachable items.
Thip Kao sounds really interesting - looking it up now! About Zaytinya, I am very interested in going there because I am Turkish, but there's one opening in Dallas in about 3 months. :)