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Re: MLB & Division Watching (2017)
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Weird to put this here, but I really wonder what it's like to be an Angels fan. So many people on MLBTR, I know it isn't the place for the most informed fans, are clamoring to sign Matt Wieters. Why? Why would you sign him at all with that awful rotation banking on Richards and maybe Shoemaker at best? The lineup isn't terrible, but I wouldn't call it a world beater either. That team doesn't need more bats, it needs defense and pitching.
I don't have the defensive metrics to back this up, but I think Maybin/Trout/Calhoun in the OF is pretty solid. Then you have great gloves up the middle with Simmons and Espinosa. Escobar is a weak link at 3B and I'm not sure who is playing 1B. Besides the catcher, they should have great defense up the middle IMO.

They do desperately need pitching. They also need to renovate that stadium a bit.