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Re: MLB & Division Watching (2017)
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Weird to put this here, but I really wonder what it's like to be an Angels fan. So many people on MLBTR, I know it isn't the place for the most informed fans, are clamoring to sign Matt Wieters. Why? Why would you sign him at all with that awful rotation banking on Richards and maybe Shoemaker at best? The lineup isn't terrible, but I wouldn't call it a world beater either. That team doesn't need more bats, it needs defense and pitching.

Angels just need wins.

The team is t-8 in projected record according to Fangraphs (84 wins). There are no teams projected to be better than them for the AL wildcard, but there are 6 other teams projected for 82-84 wins.

They have something like $160 million committed for next season, so they are a big payroll team but have plenty of room under the luxury threshold. They have old players for the most part and no farm system.

To sum up: I can't imagine a situation where a team could have a higher value for marginal wins, and their catchers truly suck.