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Re: MLB & Division Watching (2017)
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I doubt the foot print there would get you a similar seating capacity

But we've gone over (ad nauseum) how attendance at parks are down anyway.  With so many options, the best thing for all clubs would be to reduce the seating capacity anyway.

they looked into that when they were talking about a new Fenway back around the turn of the 00s.  The currrent footprint is 9 acres.  They had assembled and adjacent site with 15 acres, and were going to keep the current LF wall as part of the entrance promenade.  What sunk the deal was that the state stuck a lot of conditions on the bonds they were going to float to build some garages, infrastructure, and eminent domain, and no bank would finance the park with those conditions. Then Henry / Lucchino / Werner / Otten bought the team, brought Janet Marie Smith, and she said they could do a retrofit and upgrade to make it modern enough to last 50 more years. 

Oh, I remember.  I still think it's short-sighted.