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Re: MLB & Division Watching (2017)
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from a facilities point of view, most historic places are dumps. From a baseball point of view, fenway looks great on TV, is popular with red sox fans and is always near the top of the league in ticket sales

Actually no.  Not most.  We've got tons of buildings on the historic register and they aren't dumps.  They also aren't exempt from renovations that make actual improvements.  Fenway is a result of baseball's rigid thinking and senseless ties to bygone eras that aren't coming back.

Wrong, lived all over the place with the military so the majority of my facebook friends couldn't care less about the Sox, or about baseball actually, and yet they all know and want to see Fenway.     

I assumed incorrectly, then.  You do seem to have a tie to the Red Sox that you don't extend to other teams other than the Nats.  So that's a fascinating take.