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Fenway doesn't sell out every night so it's not like people are paying to go for the nostalgia of it.

No thank God they've given up trying to say a 2/3 full ballpark is "sold out" but they still bested Nats Park last year by about 2,000 a game, I think you're nuts if you don't think tourists going to Boston aren't saying "hey let's go to Fenway" JUST to say they've been to Fenway, you tear it down and put up a generic ballpark and people who don't like the Sox are not going to that game.  The last time I went to Fenway in 2011 and put pics on Facebook I can't tell you how many people commented how much either they loved that they had been there or it was on their bucket list.  Fenway is special precisely because of it's history; most anything can be renovated to make it more modern, but modern buildings cannot possibly hold the same charm as older structures.