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Re: MLB & Division Watching (2017)
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It's a DUMP.  Nothing wrong with replacing it with a newer park but keeping the characteristics that make it unique.  Why not tear it down and rebuild it on the same spot?  Play a year in a different park while it's being built?

Baseball is so beholden to tradition that they constantly trip over their own dicks while other sports pass them by....

I think this is just so wrong, why would we tear something so unique and with so much history down just to build another concrete and brick nondescript monolith?  Theo had renovations done to Fenway same as he did with Wrigley because he knows once you tear it down it's gone forever and no new building is ever going to have that history.  Stadium seats will be uncomfortable during a long game period and you'll always have seats in the middle where you have to climb over people.  All we do in this country is tear crap down and build newer, more generic stuff behind it, I still can't believe they tore down Yankee Stadium, dumbest thing ever. I do not understand wanting to get rid of such a piece of history I just don't.