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Re: MLB & Division Watching (2017)
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I'm listening to a talk show right now.  A guy called in and said he was seated a few rows behind the guy who threw peanuts.  From the box seats near the Os dugout.  Drunk, of course, but he managed to hit Jones.  While the crowd pointed the guy out and he was thrown immediately, that doesn't explain the epithets and how they were tolerated.  Awful situation.  I wonder how quick these jackasses would turn on Mookie Betts or Jackie Bradley if they are capable of saying this stuff when they are loosened up by alcohol? 

Oh let them run into an extended rough patch (the team or the players) and I'm sure it wouldn't take long, I don't know why I'm continually amazed by how badly some people suck but I am, every time, was disgusted reading about this today.  I'm glad the fans pointed out the peanut thrower but I'm wondering if they would've called security over for the racial epithets would those idiots have been tossed for saying that? To me they absolutely should, I'm just wondering what the actual rules are?