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Well, I think if he read this he would argue back to you that being a toxic racist should require a bit more of an attitude adjustment than, say, riding the metro without a ticket or driving 95 in a 65.

What I would respond back to him is that punishing somebody won't make them less racist.

Anyway, this could get deeper than you meant it to get.

Fair points. He should certainly not have been treated that way and has every right to be pissed off. I'm just saying that his monetary suggestions seem like they're driven by baseball paychecks not normal paychecks. The majority of Americans couldn't pay an unexpected $500 bill if a crisis happened. I'm perfectly fine with his desire to punish folks yelling hate speech and racial slurs, then throwing objects at them. Giving them crippling debt isn't likely to teach them the right lesson, though, and I think we agree on that.

Not sure how you, or if you, can change the mind of a deeply racist jackass. About the best I can see is people who aren't the object of the slurs need to speak up at the moment and tell off the jackass. Sitting around and quietly hoping the situation will resolve itself isn't going to get much done. It won't change the jackass's mind, but at least it may help motivate others to speak up in the future and get the jackasses of the world to keep their mouths shut in public.