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“It’s pathetic,’’ he said. “It’s called a coward. What they need to do is that instead of kicking them out of the stadium, they need to fine them 10 grand, 20 grand, 30 grand. Something that really hurts somebody. Make them pay in full. And if they don’t, take it out of their check.

That quote above shows that Adam Jones just MIGHT be a little out of touch with what people actually make as a salary. Expecting someone to give up half a year's pay as an alternative to being kicked out of the stadium is a pretty massive escalation. I get hyperbole, but you could change 10, 20, or, 30 grand to 100, 500, or, 1000 dollars and still hurt most of the people in the country pretty badly.

*edit: and I should have read your full response JCA. I think if it's a case of season tickets, punishing the ticket holder makes sense to an extent, but given how many shared season plans there are, I'm not sure I agree with yanking the tickets away. Forcing that one person out of the ST group, sure. Taking out the entire group... not so much.