Author Topic: Ever heard of a "Yannigan"?  (Read 195 times)

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Ever heard of a "Yannigan"?
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(It's what Jim Brosnan and others call a "Rinky Dink" in 1959, in "The Long Season"). A position player who is probably new to the majors and plays part-time.)

Here's the definition of a "Yannigan", which seems to go all the way back to the 1880's, and was still used in 1914. It was attached to a picture of "Griff's Yannigans" as Washington rookies and second-stringers prepared to play an exhibition game against the University of Virginia. Only front-line players picture:

- Walter Johnson (Griffith must have pitched Johnson to draw attention to the game)
- Eddie Ainsmith (considered the only catcher able to catch Johnson)
- George McBride (regular shortstop but not a great hitter)