Author Topic: What are you listening to? (2017)  (Read 20330 times)

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Re: What are you listening to? (2017)
« Reply #25: February 08, 2017, 08:38:49 PM »

Richard and Linda Thompson "Shoot out the lights" for $8.  Original pressing from Canada in mint shape.  An insanely depressing listen but man does it sound good now that I've the dust clean off.

We saw them at Wolf Trap some years ago on tour with that just out.  Fabulous.

A few months ago we saw Richard at the Barns doing an "all request" show.  He is such a phenomenal guitar player and singer, such range.  As we walked into the venue we were each given a slip of paper to drop a request in a hat.  I didn't know when buying the tickets that it was a request show, I went to hear him do his stuff!  So I requested the final track off that album, my all-time favorite, "Wall of Death". 

At this point I turn to the jury and ask, does this song sound depressing to you?  I rest my case and await the just decision of the jurors, who I'm sure will agree with me that this is a soaring and joyous ode to "merica.

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