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Re: What are you listening to? (2017)
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Midnight Oil playing the Filmore in Silver Spring tonight, sold out. 


I'd love to see a 20 minute "Blue Sky Mine" extended jam.  Not many songs that not only kick ass but also have an accounting reference in them.

they rocked it last night. No extended "Blue Sky Mine" jam, just regular length,  but "Forgotten Years" and "The Dead Heart" were particularly cathartic.  Crazy to think of how long that band has been together, or that their lead singer had about a decade in politics in between tours.

Social Distortion will be at the Fillmore on August 13. Tickets go on sale Friday but there is a citicard presale that started today.  Password is the first 6 digits of your citi credit/debit card.  Social Distortion always puts on a hell of a show and they haven't been on the east coast in ages.