Author Topic: The "Former Nat Watch" Thread (2017)  (Read 35775 times)

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Re: The "Former Nat Watch" Thread (2017)
« Reply #25: January 18, 2017, 10:46:29 AM »
The beard's not really the problem, but I'd have no difficulty believing that was the mugshot of a man who had just held up a convenience store for $27.24 and beenfound hiding under a parked car a block away.  The vacant, deer-in-headlights look, flat brim on the cap, flaccid hoodie, etc.  Not his best.
My AL roto dynasty league right now has him rated the 3d best option among the FAs at SS in our league, behind Machado and Segura.  Needless to say, there are also 12 SSs already on rosters that are also ahead of him.  20 HR projection can only buy you so much with .210 average.  I may have to keep Marcus Semien at $20 to avoid bidding wars, but he has batting average risk too.