Author Topic: Follow the Prospects: Carter Kieboom, 3B/SS  (Read 6338 times)

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While that's true (that most HS guys don't sign), it's tempting to try and flip a college commitment. In recent history, the HS pick I can think of is Skye Bolt (A+ name :lol: ). The Nats were unable to sign him, and he ended up having a solid college career, and was picked in the 4th round.

In this year's draft, there's a couple 11-40 picks I'd like. Upshaw is a crazy athlete. Really want to see if he can make it as a baseball player. Cooper Morgan, as Houston has said, has some really potential, but is a college junior. Could always go back if the money's not right. Jordan McFarland has good size, and Noah Murdock's even bigger (6'7" RHP -- he could add a couple MPH to the FB as he puts on weight). I'm unsure about the Gonzales picks.