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Can you tell me what Harper or Strasburg graded as?     Wanna get some sort of feel for a number one (can't fail) pick.    Thanks
I can't find any Harper 80 scale grades but like BrandonK said he has once in a lifetime info everywhere.

For maybe an easier comparison here is a scouting report from Anthony Rendon from 2012;

Hit: Gifted hitter. Very natural contact ability. Hand-eye coordination is exceptional. Can reach any pitch in any part of the zone with outstanding plate coverage. Excellent pitch recognition and knowledge of the strike zone. Has a plan at the plate and is aggressive on balls he can drive. Uses the whole field well with line-drive ability from pole to pole. Truly outstanding hitter with potential to hit .300 at his peak. Simply needs ABs to get back in rhythm after time off. Grade – 50/70

Power: Still a bit of a question. Opinions vary widely, ranging from fringe-average to plus. Has plus to plus-plus natural bat speed and excellent strength in his forearms, wrists and hands. Makes tons of hard contact and just needs to add more loft and back spin to have true HR power. Will pile up doubles regardless. Comfortably settles in with average HR power and may have peak seasons with better than that. Grade (raw power) – 40/50

Arm: Above-average raw arm strength. Plays more average most of the time because of a little slower release. More than enough for third base. Grade – 50/50

Fielding: Excellent defender. Very quick reactions to both sides and reads the ball well off the bat, consistently fielding the ball on the correct and/or easy hop. Has soft hands and regularly fields the ball cleanly and without issue. Tools to be a very good defensive 3B and could steal some Gold Gloves. Easy plus defender. Must prove that injuries haven’t sapped any ability, but early returns have been good.  Grade – 60/60

Speed: Below-average runner that doesn’t get down the line well and isn’t an asset on the bases. Speed is not problematic but it isn’t a part of his game either. Grade – 40/40

That scouting report actually ended up being very close to spot on. Rendon is a bit better runner than projected but everything else is right, including the questions about injuries.