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Re: Nationals @ Cubs Game 1
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so does anybody know if langerbutt is with the team yet?

Erica, I expected better of you... Why are you calling him Langerbutt before you've had a chance to see how he fits in? After Logan, he's the best defensive outfielder the Nats have, he's an experienced starter at all 3 OF positions, which will make him a valuable asset to the Nats, and since his hitting will improve over time, getting his for Snelling was a steal. Snelling, while having great hustler, wasn't going anywhere except left field. In Langerhans, the Nats get a guy who's a starting quality outfielder in exchange for the Nats 5th outfielder. The trade was and is a no brainer, with the Nats coming out on top of a seemingly ho hum nothing trade.

If you want to call him Langerbutt, then I will be fair to the other players who don't have derogatory nicks and start calling Ryan Zimmerman, Ruin Zimmerboy, or calling Chad Cordero, Crud Camero... Sound fair?